Natural Miswak Cored Toothpaste

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4 pcs Natural Miswak Cored Toothpaste (1 pcs- 75ml) Vegan Product Toothpaste with 4 pcs toothbrushes 100% Natural Islamic Toothpaste Dental Care Tooth Oral Hygiene Health Made in Turkey - EYUP SABRI Cosmetics

4 pcs Natural Miswak Cored Toothpaste(1 pcs - 75ml)  with 4 pcs Toothbrush! Perfect Vegan Product Toothpaste

100% Natural

Dental Care Tooth

Oral Hygiene Health

Made in Turkey - EYUP SABRI Cosmetics

Natural Miswak Cored Toothpaste is approved by Turkey's Health Ministry!


100% Natural


You no longer need bitter toothpastes! With Miswak Toothepaste, the miraculous gift of nature, your oral and body health is now under protection!


It cleans the tooth enamel without damaging it and preserves the natural whiteness of your tooth, with the misvak extract it contains, it helps strengthen your teeth and gums.


Opens war against decay and plaques with eucalyptus extracts. Provides freshness all day long with natural mint oil and menthol in formula.


No sugar! 100% Herbal STEVIA was used. According to the results of the research conducted by independent research company Ipsos in April 2017 with independent dentists, dentists recommend them.